Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Michelle Obama in March's Vogue

Three words can adequately describe what I think about Michelle Obama's editorial in March's U.S. Vogue: You. Betta. Werk! I know that it might seem very materialistic and perhaps a little bit sexist to talk about how utterly stylish and flawless M.O. is, but here's what I think: Women can have it all. There is a preconceived notion out there that if you're beautiful and you dress glamorous, you can't possibly be smart. And if you're smart and witty and educated, you can't possibly be chic. TO hell with that! In my eyes there is nothing more empowering than a woman who puts on a crsip, tailored outfit, turns her hair out, and says, "Let's get down to business." Michelle Obama has been compared to Jackie O. on many occassions, and for good reason. Both first ladies may have been emaculate, but they were nobody's fool. Saying "yes I can beautify myself while still getting the respect I deserve" is inspirational. Telling women that they don't have to sell themselves short is a priceless lesson that needs to be taught to the P. Hils and LiLos of today.
This Vogue cover, taken by world renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz marks only the second time a first lady has appeared on the cover. The first of course being Hillary Rodham Clinton in December 1998, also shot by Leibovitz. However what you may not know is how far back the tradition of shooting the first lady for Vogue goes. In fact, Vogue has photographed the new first ladies since 1929, when the first was President Herbert Hoover’s wife, Lou Henry Hoover.
Anyway, here are some shots of M.O. in the upcoming issue. Flawless girl. She's flawless.


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