Monday, February 9, 2009

New Info on the Chris Brown Arrest

New information continues to pour in about last night's arrest of Chris Brown following an assault on girlfriend Rihanna. The crime report, which names Rihanna (or rather Robyn Fenty which is her real name) as the victim, states that Brown is being charged with criminal threats. Why that instead of domestic abuse? According to police they typically book a suspect for the most serious crime they can be charged with — it’s then up to the D.A. to file any additional charges. The crime of criminal threat carries a more hefty sentence of nine years as opposed to domestic violence which is a maximun of four.
In addtion, the police report states that Brown used assault with a deadly weapon although no weapon is mentioned. And according to one officer, Rihanna suffered contusions and several bite marks.
Chris' camp has released a statement about the incident, saying "Hopefully we will have a statement by the end of the day. Just know that this is being reported only 1 sided, but this is what the media does. We are saddened by this whole situation, but we will pray for the best and be Chris’ rock no matter what way this may go. Just know that Chris is a great person, but also human. Thanks for all of your support.”
I can forgive a lot of things, but beating on a lady is just not one of them. No excuses.


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