Thursday, February 26, 2009

Not Aging Gracefully

I'm not going to mince words: Linda Evangelina scares the shit out of me. In fact, evertime I see her L'Oreal commercial pop on the screen without warning, my immediate reaction is something like this:

While screaming "Demon!!!!" I'm seriously considering suing L'Oreal for all the emotional distressed they have caused me which will surely put me in an early grave. I mean, it may not look that bad in print, but as a moving image it's horrifying. Just look at it! Her eyebrows are practically touching her hairline! For God sake's the woman is 43 and has smoother skin than a fetus. I know she may think that makes her look young, but really, it doesn't. If Leatherface was blind and did a half assed face mask job, this is what it would look like. And if she's getting this much work at 43, I shudder to think what she'll look like in another 10 years. Her face will probably be pulled all the way to her ass.


Emily said...

Ew god, I know what you mean. I hate every commercial she is in. Do you know how long it took me to figure out who she was? I would be like well she looks familiar, but I don't remember a model that effing fugly!

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