Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Octuplet Mom is on Welfare, Has Three Special Needs Children

I have tried to refrain from writing about Nadya Suleman aka Octuplet mom, because just thinking about this attention seeking, babies that she can't take care of having selfish biatch makes my blood boil. When she first popped out her litter of eight in a box under the stairs, she began crying and whining and complaining about how she did not receive a car or diapers or cribs or any of the other crap that most mothers of multiples get. Obviously she thought having babies was like The Price is Right. In a desperate attempt to get more attention, she started hitting the circuits talking about the fact that she's basically a poor leech who can pay for a shitload of invitro (that's how her first SIX children were conceived), but can't pay for her own apartment and still lives in her parent's basement. (who, by the way, had to file bankruptcy, most likely because they had 7 more mouths to feed) Now come to find out that taxpayers are footing the bill for her and her 14 children. That's right, Nadya is working the system for all she's got. She collects $490 a month in food stamps, but that's not all. 3 of her first six kids are disabled (one has autism), so she also gets federal public assistance for that as well.
It's not that I have a problem with welfare, it's the spending tens of thousands of dollars to have more and more and more and more and more babies when you are taking money from hardworking taxpayers and can't even pay for the babies you have that I have a major issue with. It's not even like they were a "woops". Bitch knew what she was doing! She is sick in the head and I'm not even kidding when I say those children should be taken away. Even Dr. Drew came forth and said what she's doing is child abuse. And it is. She should not be rewarded for bringin a bunch of children into the world that she can neither pay for, or care for.
Oh, and did I mention the fact that she's collected around $170,000 in disability?


Jessica said...

Doesn't it make you wish that instead of handing money out to people like this that the government would start charging them? With the economy as it is, shouldn't there be a surcharge for having more than say two kids. Maybe it would prevent people like this living off of our tax dollars.

Mrs. M. said...

I definitly see it as a real shame that hardworking folks who are in financial trouble have to pay for this woman's fourteen babies. And btw, who is watching over all these kids that she can supposedly handle when she's making the talk show rounds? Between mooching off her parents, taking money from the state, collecting hundreds of thousands in disabilty and handing off babysitting duties to someone else, this woman clearly does not take responsibility for anything in her life.
i really could not hate her more.

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