Sunday, February 22, 2009

OMFG. There's Going to Be a Tekken Movie

I am a gamer. I don't care if that makes me a 12 year old boy in a 27 year old woman's body. I honestly love nothing more than sitting on my papazon all day long playing Rainbow Six Vegas 2 online or beating Heavenly Sword for the seventeenth time. But long before there was Assasin's Creed orF.E.A.R., there was Tekken. You just don't know about me, my husband and Tekken. It started long ago, back in 2002. (Or maybe 2001, I can't really recall.) We were living in an apartment with this other dude and his girlfriend and we would stay up all night long drinking beer and having Tekken tournaments much to the girlfriend's dismay. Now I think I should add that my husband and I are hella competitive. We want to kick each other's asses in whatever it is we happen to be doing. Therefore it should be no surprise that we would often fight for world domination (ok, bragging rights) and our weapon of choice was Tekken. He and I would battle head to head, him as Law and me as Nina Williams. We have long ago had to bury Tekken in our metaphorical backyard, because Tekken is a marriage ruiner. That is the only thing we have ever competed on in which we are on the exact same playing field which does not fly for us. So we had made a blood oath long ago to never play Tekken again. And everyone that knows us knows that we are never, ever allowed to either own nor play the game. Yet we will always have the hearts of a Tekken junkie. Which is why I am annoucing with glee that there is going to be a motherfucking Tekken movie. Most of the main characters have been written in, with the exception of a few very noticable characters (Lei Wulong, where for art thou?!?) Although you may not care about the upcoming flick, I do. Especially since it will be featuring the superhotandamazing Chiaki Kuriyama (Go-go Yubari!!!) as Ling Xiaoyu. Anyway for those of you who care, you can see the complete cast list right HERE

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