Thursday, February 5, 2009

Pink & Carey Hart- Together Again?

These two are like the less trashtastic, more talented version of Shanna Moakler and Travis Barker. On again, off again, on again but throwing dishes, off again but bumping fugs-I can hardly keep up with them. All I know is they're getting their smooch on. So I'm tempted to say they're on again.
I honesty don't see what the problem between them is. Why oh why can't these two crazy kids make it work? Cupid needs to quit his smoke break and just put a permanent arrow in their asses already.
And these pictures are totally making me miss my husband. There's nothing more fun than just wrapping your arms around your loved one and coasting for miles. It's absolute zen. Damn this is going to be the longest fucking deployment ever. No zen or sex for more than a year! It's cruel and criminal I tell you. Cruel and criminal.


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