Saturday, February 14, 2009

Rachel Bilson Holding a Puppy is the Definition of Cute

You know how some women get when they're around babies? All oohing and ahing and coo-cooing while pinching the baby's cheeks squealing "Eeeee! It's a babeeeeee!!!" Well I am like that with puppies. I love puppies. Everything about them. From their stinky puppy breath to their soft fluffy fur to their inquisitive and playful nature, everything about puppies is perfect!
Likewise, Rachel Bilson is cute as a Keebler elf making soft batch cookies. Therefore Rachel Bilson + puppy wrapped in a blanket= a Hallmark card. I just want to wrap it up and give it to everyone I love just to make them go "AWWWWWW!!!"


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