Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Dear God! Would someone be a doll and get that poor little Lohan girl a biscuit or a damn muffin or something? The child is so hungry she's resorted to eating her own thumb! Canabalism is not the way to go, Lindsay! La Lohan has resorted back to the days of yore when she looked capable of snorting up all the baking soda in your house and pulling a Billy Joel by driving straight through your garage. And it's not cute. In fact, it makes her look like a starving heroin addict stripped from the streets, bathed and promised a clean needle if only she's pose for just three and a half minutes. These pics of a topless LiLo look frightening and sad. Now I'm not sure exactly if this was the look artist Hedi Slimane was going for, but if so, mission accomplished. I guess.


Atlanta Cougar said...

Is she trying to keep up with Saman? She is way too thin and has been spending way too much time snorting from a mirror. Heroin chic? No, heroin addict! I don't think she will be around in 10 years or maybe less.

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