Saturday, February 7, 2009

She's the Girl in The Licks, Juliette! Juliette! Say Her Name Bitch...

I. Love. Juliette. Lewis. I love her! If she asked me to birth her alien baby, I probably would. If she asked me to learn how to make a papier-mâché airplane, I definitely would. She is a bad ass mamma jamma, and as adorable as a kitten hugging a rabbit.
And can you believe she is only 35? I don't mean that as an insult-she looks much younger than her age. It's just, well, doesn't it seem as if she has been around forever? Like before cinema even existed? 1,000 years at least. According to IMDB, she has been in over 51 movies and television shows. Yeah, suck on that Angelina Jolie.
Anyway, here's the lovely Ms. Lewis on the set of her latest film, Sympathy For Delicious. Unfortunately, she doesn't play Delicious-Orlando Bloom does. And no, I have no idea what they were thinking on that one. Someone must be hitting the pipe pretty hard.


Emily said...

LOVE her, she is so crazy!! Natural Born Killers is my favorite movie ever; Juliette + Woody Harrelson = amazing!! =)

And I agree about her age. She doesn't look old or anything but it definitely feels like she has been around forever.

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