Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sienna Miller Debuts Clothing Line at London Fashion Week

Yesterday Sienna Miller along with her sister Savannah debuted the fall collection from their line, Twenty8Twelve, at London fashion week. What's to say? Another celebrity clothing line full of black minis, skinny pants and sweaters? Way to reinvent the wheel. What would the fashion world do without these two creative geniuses? They're like Einstein in heels.


Atlanta Cougar said...

Put'em up there with Mary Kate and Ashley. I did love Sienna in the movie "Factory Girl".

Lindsay: The Artist Former Known As Daners said...

Not. Impressed. Whatsoever.

I will second the love of Factory Girl, however.

Madam Miaow said...

Wow! Tight jeans and black tights. Who'd a thunk it?

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