Thursday, February 26, 2009

Slacker Chic of the Month: Mary-Louise Parker

As Nancy Botwin on Showtime's Weeds, Mary-Louise Parker plays the type of woman we rarely see on t.v.: One that is flawed yet self aware, vulnerable yet capable, neurotic yet eerily composed. Although it is through unconventional means, she takes care of her family not by accepting hand outs, but by doing what is necessary to provide for them. And although she finds herself in hairy situations, she always cleverly finds a way out of it without taking hand outs. Representing a woman with such depth and dimension is a task that is not only brave, but very hard to come by in a era where women still need a prince to save them, a baby to make them complete, or pills to make them "normal". For all her flaws, MLP represents the woman that isn't perfect but is perfectly happy nonetheless. This is something our girl knows a great deal about. Things haven't always been picturesque for MLP-either professionally or personally, but she's always come through like a champ. This is because like Nancy Botwin, Mary -Louise doesn't sit around waiting for the knight in shining armor. She throws the battle gear on and fights for her damn self. In a time when women are expected to have the career,the baby, the husband, the two car garage, the perfect body, and blemish free skin, Mary is repping a different kind of woman. The one that doesn't need the man or the botox or the answers to everything. She only needs faith in herself to know that everything will eventually be coming up roses. Or in her case, weeds.

Anyway congrats to Mary-Louise for snagging the title of Slacker Chic of the Month! If anyone in the universe is Slacker Chic, it's MLP who is the very definition of the phrase.


Atlanta Cougar said...

I heart MLP! I have seen her on Broadway and am a huge Weeds fan. I think that last season was absolutely genius. I loved that they moved the show to California. I love Albert Brooks as Nancy's father in law. And I love the relationship between Nancy Botwin and the Drug Lord, complete with the tunnel and maternity store! Can't wait for next season!

Mrs. M. said...

omg you got to see her on Broadway? What a treat! I heard she was fantastic!
i haven't seen the fourth season yet (i don't get showtime) but i can't wait til it comes out on dvd.

Lindsay Will Come At You Like A Spider Monkey said...

Aw, I voted for Thandie.

But it was a hard choice between her and MLP. I LOVE MLP!! And Weeds is the greatest show.

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