Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Sweet Mullet AND a Jean Jacket?!?

OMG if Kanye West would just put on some white Reebok high top tennies, this look would be complete! I mean denim on denim?!? With a mullet?!? Seriously he is one Milwaulkie's Best away from becoming the mudbogging sideshow on Maximum Exposure. And as if this whole look wasn't bad enough, he actually convinced his new girlfriend, video chick Amber Rose to wear the denim and pop tha collar. And she's clutching a beaded rhinestone America purse! What she won't do for love. Girlfriend looks like a cross between Max Headroom and an extra off Earth Girls Are Easy. In fact it's so retro and so tacky that I almost love it. After all, at least they know they are going to be the only ones at fashion week wearing those outfits. And if they're not-if more people are wearing denim on denim with mullets and rhinestone flag purses I'm going to consider this a fashion epidemic and declare a state of style emergency.


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