Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Sweet Mullet Speaks

Kanye West took his sweet ass mullet to the radio waves yesterday in order to spread good tidings of great homos as the unofficial Goodwill Ambassador of the Gays. For the past few months, Kanye has really been doing his damndest to end all homo hating within the hip hop community. Not only did he express his own sentiments when it comes to the subject, but he ended up blinding me with science. "Where I come from, gay people are aliens. You don't touch em. You would automatically explode. (!!!) If you have a conversation for more than 5 minutes. We used to go down to the Gucci store and there'd be a gay dude there and we'd be disrespecting him....I found out that people are human beings. And working in fashion and art and everthing I would be around what I feel would be the greatest representatives because there would be genius characters that have provided such gifts of the world that it's like look what this man has done at the end of the day...I feel at one point there was a speration between black and white people, now it's a big seperation between gay and straight black males."
Sherlock West and the Case of the Exploding Heteros. I don't know who these magical mothers are who are so gay that they cause explosions upon sight, but I have got to see it for myself.
On the real though, I know Kanye's rants might seem redundant, but what he's doing-trying to bridge the gap between the gays and the homophobes is a productive, positice endeavor. Particularly in the hip hop community there is, like he said, a sort of stigma that goes along with this. And anyone who tries to work towards breaking down those walls of ignornace, is an alright cat with me.


Suburbia Steph said...

I'm surprised he didn't say "where I come from, gays are like aliens....they like to probe you in the ass"....

Mrs. M. said...

OMFG looooool! That was hysterical.

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