Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Three Words: Classy, Romantic, Timeless

Oh, and also elegant. Definitely elegant. If you are Anne Rice. Are you Anne Rice? If you are, I'd really like to ask why you started writing Christian novels. If you aren't Anne Rice, then nevermind.
Whether you write about vampires or just enjoy them, I have a treat for you! The House of Blue Eyes show debuted at London Fashion Week last night and honey let me tell you, it was something else. Blood, eyeliner, leather, all the goth cliches were in full effect. Basically I thought it was nothing new. That is until I saw THIS:

Nothing says hot and sexy good times like a bloody, half naked pregant goth. I can barely contain my hormones. I mean really, is there nothing that gets you in the mood more than a chick who hasn't seen her feet in weeks and moisturizes with blood? Me neither!
All pregnant skanky goth girls aside, I have nothing against goth culture. Normally I think they look pretty sexadocious. However, there is nothing new or original about this. I mean wow-red and black and blood. How long did it take you to come up with that one? Honestly I have seen better executed ensembles at the club. Like when I used to hit up Orpheus in Baltimore with my fake ID at the tender age of 15. Those bitches at that place Turned. It. Out. These models just look like a bunch of kids who played in their mommy's makeup bag too long and splurged on Hot Topic while hopped up on pixie sticks. I say NEXT!


Atlanta Cougar said...

Absolutely grotesque! What statement are they trying to make?

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