Thursday, February 12, 2009

Who This Bitch Thinks She Is?

You know who this chick is with Ben Foster? Not Little Orphan Zoe. That's her name. According to me at least. Little Miss NOT ZOE stepped out with Hot Piece Foster for a screening of HPF's new film "The Messenger" at the 59th annual Berlin Film Festival. All I have to say is step aside slut. That ain't 'yo man. By the looks of things, methinks HPF is simply using her in an attempt to make Little Orphan Zoe jealous resulting in her running her rags back into his arms so that they may live happily ever after in an apartment in Soho that resides atop a shady Chinese restaurant that may or may not be a front for the Triads.


Lady Mel said...

You are my first comment person on my blog! thank you! :D. Personally, I have no opinion about her.

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