Saturday, March 21, 2009

Audrey Tatou for Chanel No. 5

Here are some brand spanking new stills from the upcoming Chanel No. 5 commercials staring the beautiful Audrey Tatou. For the ads the actress paired up with the most amazing director ever of all time, Jean-Pierre Jeunet (Amelie, The City of Lost Children). The theme is missed encounters between strangers — played by Tautou and model Travis Davenport — as they ride the Orient Express from Paris to Istanbul. The full commercial runs a total of 2 mins and 25 seconds, but a smaller spot has been created for mainstream media. A teaser will debut in late April on, around the same time Audrey's film Coco Avant Chanel premieres in France, although Chanel executives insist the timing is just a coincidence. The full film launches on the internet May 5, and will air on TV in shorter versions, followed by an print ad shot by Dominique Isserman.
Personally I can't wait to see the tv spots, simply for Jeunet's vision. His is a world I would want to live in: colorful, beautiful, quirky. I swear if he and Bryan Fuller collaborated, (and they really should) my head would explode in a trillion pieces from awesomeness overload.


sandra said...

Love her! So French!...Paris... <3

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