Saturday, March 7, 2009

Complex Likes to Recycle

Hmmm... something about this March editorial of Rosario Dawson in Complex Magazine looks a little familiar. Oh wait! I know why! Because this pictures are old as hell. I may not know quantum physics but I'll tell you what I do know: magazine editorials. I'm like the motherfucking Rain Man of that shit. Which is remarkable considering the fact that I can't even remember what the hell I had for lunch today. (Seriously, I honestly have no clue.) I'll tell you something else. If there's one thing I love...well, that would be wigs. But if there's two things I love, it would be wigs and costumes. Therefore costumes such as these would not simply go by unnoticed. In fact, I've had the one of her with the whip saved as a wallpaper for at least a year.

Regardless it's still one of her best photoshoots, making it worth the encore.


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