Sunday, March 1, 2009

Daddy Must Be So Proud

Oh look! It's Daisy Lowe with all her (barely) lady bits hanging out for the world to see. Daddy Gavin Rossdale must be so proud. After all, it's not every day that your daughter gets to pose naked in any magazine let alone i-D magazine! I'm sure this editorial will find a place on his mantlepiece alongside her aerospace junior scout badge and her Agent Provocateur spread.
And I know this is totally old news, but did you ever hear about how Daisy Lowe came to find out that Gavin Rossdale was her father? It is soooo very One Life to Live: "Until 2004, Lowe was believed to be the daughter of Pearl Lowe's ex-husband Bronner Handwerger, but a paternity test revealed that her godfather, Bush singer/guitarist Gavin Rossdale, was in fact her biological father. Her mother Pearl wrote about the situation in her book, All That Glitters, where she revealed that Daisy was the product of a one night stand between her and Rossdale following an argument she had with her ex-husband. Daisy's paternity was not questioned at the time, and Lowe listed "Bronner Lowe" on Daisy's birth certificate. Rossdale had initially offered to take a paternity test, but backed away. It wasn't until Daisy found out that neither Lowe nor Handwerger had the O-type blood that she had, that Lowe sought a paternity test through her lawyers."
Scandalous! You can't make shit like that up. Next thing you know they'll be saying that in acutality, both men are the father. That somehow Rossdale's sperm hung out for a little while and wound up fusing with Bronner's resulting in lil ole Daisy Lowe. Who will then turn out to be a woman trapped inside a man trapped inside a woman's body.


Suburbia Steph said...

Wow...I had NO idea GR had an adult daughter! Whatta trip! Too bad she doesn't look anything like him.

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