Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I have only one question about this Lady GaGa interview last night on Canadian Idol: What? Seriously, what? The "Poker Face" singer stumbled on stage, looked totally disoriented, and stood there gripping her mic most of the time like a hopeful Star Search contestant. It was apparent to everyone that Lady G fumbled because she was a complete and utter hot driz mess! As a result G has landed in the hot seat with today's Canadian news publications who are mocking her bizarre performance. At one point during the interview, the host basically asks G what it's like to be an instant celebrity to which G answers in a hushed tone "Well...I love you all so much. Thank you." What the hell kind of an answer is that? What are you, Michael Jackson?
On a seperate note, I'm fortunate enough to get all the Canadian channels and Canadian Idol is sooooo different from American Idol. All the judges are like Paula Abdul on that show. In other words, no matter how crappy the contestants do, they tried their darndest and that's good enough. None of this destructive criticism. Not that it's suprising. Canadians are quite possibly the nicest, most gracious people on the planet. Although I will say "Congratulations! You're going to Ontario!" doesn't have the ring to it that "You're going to Hollywood!" does. But it's a tradeoff.
ALSO! Here's another video of the singer acting waaaaaay bizarre. Someone please tell me what is with the damn whisper? Is she the lovechild between Michael Jackson and freaking Breathless Mahoney. Speak up or say nothing! And I'm not saying Lady looks like she's riding the white snowy mountains in this interview... but she looks like she's riding the goddamn snowy white mountains. Slow your roll Lady G before you wind up crashing your car into lightposts, wearing sheer leggings as pants and dating a grouchy lesbian DJ.


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