Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Dsquared2 2009 F/W Collection for Milan Fashion Week

And like a pheonix rising from the ashes, Dsquared2 swoops in to save not just fashion week, but all of humanity! On one hand, I have ill will towards this collection, because it's kind of biting on my style and if there's one thing I hate, it's seeing someone on the street dressed like me. I know it's very only child syndrome to say that, but c'est la vie. I already peed on the flannel shirt, skinny jeans, grandma sweater, aviators, scarf and giant shoes look. So it's mine. I take personal style very seriously. Everyone should get their own. It's honestly not that hard. (Yes, I do know I've very selfish) However, whilst there is a smidge of resenment, all in all, I die. This collection is the epitome of a fashion orgasm. I would run a bitch over for this collection. It is just that good. And thank God because I was beginning to think Milan fashion week was going to be a full on bust. Dsquared2 never, ever fails to deliver. Not to mention the fact that aside from Rag & Bone and a few others, they are one of the only lines that bangs out menswear collections worth wearing. They really know how to do it. Hats off motherfuckers.


Lindsay Will Come At You Like A Spider Monkey said...

Fierce. There's really nothing more to say. Just fierce.

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