Thursday, March 5, 2009

Gay Marriage Advocates Seek to Lift Ban on Gay Marriage

If anyone is a friend of the on again, off again relationship, it's gay marriage. Especially in California. However today homolovers the world over are asking the California Supreme Court to overturn a second voter-approved same-sex marriage ban, and finally make it legal. The same court last year overturned a voter-approved law banning gay marriage, making it A-Ok to marry if you're gay. 18,000 couples wed, but were later told that the vows basically had the legitimacy of a six year old with a pillow cover on her head tying the knot with her teddy bear. Voters in November passed a constitutional amendment, Proposition 8, which in case you've been living in a fallout shelter, limits marriage to a man and a woman. Gay marriage opponents said overturning the California ban would change the nature of state government by gutting the people's right to make law. Which is ironic seeing how they're trying to overturn that whole "freedom" thing by determining who can marry whom.
The court will hear three hours of arguments today and then have 90 days to issue an opinion.
Now, I may not believe in a whole lot of things, but if there is one thing I do believe in, it's gay marriage. I cannot fathom how this even continues to be an issue. For me, civil liberties should not even begin to be up for discussion. How we can continue to sit leisurely by while our fellow citizen's rights are denied to them is beyond me. It's disgusting and should go against everything America stands for. This country is supposed to be free, yet we are repressing our own people and treating them like second class citizens. Saying that they need our permission to enter into a loving committed relationship is nothing short of another form of slavery. I mean what is this? Goddamn 1894? It's an embarrassment. I can't wait for that historic day when the ban on gay marriage is overturned once and for all. And while I will not doubt be overjoyed, at the same time I'll be ashamed that it had taken so long for people to be recognized as equals.


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