Sunday, March 8, 2009

Hit It or Quit It?: Edward Norton

Let me just start off my saying in my house, Edward Norton is the motherfucking man. My husband and I are huuuuge EN fans. So much so that we named our beloved Shepherd/Beagle mix Norton. And just like Edward, he's one bad mofo.
Not only have we seen every EN movie ever, but we've seen them all a gajillion times. Especially Fight Club. We could probably renact the entire movie by ourselves. What we love most about the Norton is how versatile he is. One minute he's a buff neo-nazi, the next he's a skinny dude with multile personalities and serious anger management issues, the next he's a mean, green fighting machine. And like the characters he portrays, you just never know what Edward Norton you're going to get. Will he have a shaved head? Long hair? Will he be ripped as shit? Or scrawny like he's Abraham Lincoln (but able to fight until he's burger)? This unpredictability makes him a wild card when it comes to the ladies. Some that may have thought he was hot stuff in American History X might not feel the same about his look for The Illusionist or Down in the Valley. Which is why I want to ask you:
Edward Norton: Hit it or Quit It?
Myself I prefer my Edward Norton the way I always prefer men: dirty, grimy, twisted, a tad (or more) mental and not afraid to get a concussion or two. Basically Johnny Knoxville. Anyway, for your consideration I have added a gallery, just so you have all the facts before you make an informed Hit It or Quit It decision.
Edward Norton at his finest (in my opinion)

The Rest:


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