Friday, March 13, 2009

Howard K. Stern Arrested for Giving Anna Nicole Smith Drugs

Anna Nicole's Smith's former attorney and leech at large Howard K. Smith has been arrested alongside Dr. Sandeep Kapoor and Khristine Eroshevich for, among other things, giving thousands of controlled substances to Anna Nicole Smith. According to the L.A. County D.A. the three are charged with a total of six and seven felonies. Stern, Kapoor and Eroshevich were charged with unlawfully prescribing a controlled substance between June 2004 and January 2007-days before she died. Kapoor and Eroshevich were each charged with obtaining a prescription for opiates by "fraud, deceit or misrepresentation." In addition they were charged with one count of obtaining a prescription for opiates by giving a false name or address. The criminal complaint also alleges Kapoor wrote prescriptions for Smith under a patient alias Michelle Chase. Prosecutors allege the doctor gave her excessive amounts of sleep aids, opiates, muscle relaxants and methadone-like drugs used to treat addiction, knowing she was an addict. Kapoor and Stern were also charged with one count of "prescribing, administering or dispensing a controlled substance to an addict." Eroshevich was charged with the same crime for separate prescriptions.
"These individuals repeatedly and excessively furnished thousands of prescription pills to Anna Nicole Smith, often for no legitimate medical purpose," California Attorney General Jerry Brown said in a statement
Documents obtained by The Associated Press after Smith's death showed Ehrosevich authorized all 11 prescription medications found in the Smith's hotel room the day she died. Most of the drugs were prescribed in the name of Stern, her lawyer-turned-companion, and none were prescribed in Smith's own name. This included more than 600 pills — including about 450 muscle relaxants — that were missing from prescriptions that were no more than five weeks old. Ultimately, it was a syrup — the powerful sleeping aid chloral hydrate — blamed with tipping the balance in the toxic mix of drugs and causing her death.
And while anyone dying at her age is sad, what I find most disturbing about this is people taking advantage of a depressed, naive addict. Anyone that does that deserves to have the damn book thrown at them. I say life with no parole.


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