Monday, March 2, 2009

I Love This Woman

I think I have a new favorite. And she goes by the name of Amber Rose. (Doesn't that sound like a stripper stage name? Say it out loud and see for yourself. "Coming to the stage, Amber Rose!") Why is she my new favorite you ask? Just take a look at her. She's wearing elastic waist denim hotpants. Elastic fucking waist. With an undersized vest. And she doesn't give a good goddamn. Now that takes some serious balls. Something tells me she is going to rock every single hideous trend that has ever existed. I'm talking Members only jackets, neon fanny packs, shoulder pads, zubaz, pants tucked into slouch socks, mom jeans, jellies, leopard print stirrup pants, she is going to do it all, and I cannot wait. And you know what else? She's kind of making Kanye West look a little hotter. So in addition to being a fashion fatale, she's a magician! Is there anything this girl can't do? Amber Rose you are a gem, and I salute you.


Atlanta Cougar said...

Where the hell did she find the hotpants? I haven't seen anything with an elastic waistband in ages!
I hated Kanye's hair on the Grammys. He needs a fashionista in his life.

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