Friday, March 13, 2009

Kanye West for Louis Vuitton

I usually like to give Kanye West a break when it comes to his desire to design. After all, he normally really gets fashion and respects it as an art. Most importantly he does his homework, hitting up every possible fashion show from here to Milan and giving designers the respect they deserve. Which is why this shoe line he has created for Louis Vuitton is so disappointing. The collection is bland, boring and obscenely overpriced with shoes ranging from (are you ready?!?) $870- $1140! Why would I pay $900 for a pair of fug ass sneakers that look like the hideous slip resistant shoes I had to wear when I was a waitress? It pained my heart to shell out $20 for those things, let alone almost a grand! Nevertheless I will say that at least they're not as bad as that Tribute Patchwork abomination Marc Jacobs tried to pass off as glamorous a couple of years ago. In comparison it makes these shoes look elegant, refined and magnificent.


Anglonoel said...

If I bought a pair they'd be scuffed or have an unremovable mark on them before the day was out-especially those white ones!

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