Monday, March 23, 2009

Kanye West in Complex Magazine is the Defintion of Irony.

How fitting is it that Kanye West is on the cover of Complex? That would be like me gracing the cover of "Selfish Bitch in Five Inch Heels Weekly." I mean honestly, you probably shouldn't put a bitch with an ego the size of Grant Grant in Slither after he mutates into that freakishly obese creature on the cover of Complex. Kanye's Ego Hungry! Kanye's Ego Never Full! It's just opening the door to a five hour long monolgue from the Louis Vuitton Don about how his thought process is like an onion with all it's damn layers.
All that aside however, this is a very good photoshoot. It definitely fits with Kanye's Ode to Japanese Art thing he's been flirting with for a while. You just wait-any minute now he's going to announce that he is the self declared president of the P.E.N. Club of Japan. The founder in his former life even. You'll see.


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