Thursday, March 26, 2009

Kobe Byrant's Wife is A Major Biatch. And the Sky is Still Blue

Kobe Bryant and wife Vanessa's maid, Maria Jimenez, is suing the couple's rich asses because Kobe's wife is a spoiled bitch. Basically. Jimenez xlaims in a lawsuit filed today that V.B. has been verbally abusing her for quite some time, frequently refering to her as a "lazy, slow dumb, a fuckiing liar, and a fucking piece of shit." In the lawsuit filed in Superior Court in Orange County, Maria Jimenez claims Vanessa actually accused her of stealing her (mouth) retainer. Jimenez says Vanessa "badgered, harassed and humiliated" her "by yelling, screaming and criticizing her in front of Kobe, their children, employees and other people in the house," and she threatened to quit but Kobe talked her out of it.
The final straw supposedly came when Vanessa went all shades of batshit crazy because Maria Jiminez put an expensive blouse in the washer. Vanessa's solution? She
demanded that Maria put her hand in a bag of dog shit to retrieve the price tag for the blouse. Maria says she wanted to quit and Vanessa responded that she "had to work until payday to pay for the $690 blouse, which she did." Jimenez is suing for invasion of privacy, emotional distress, unpaid wages, and wrongful termination.
I just have to ask, how is this in any way surprising? Vanessa Bryant is a spoiled rotten little brat that has had everything handed to her since she met her sugar daddy at age 17. She's like Gabrielle Solis if she was simultaniously possesed by Satan and working with a raging bout of PMDD. If you ask me I find it ridiculously amusing that someone whose done nothing useful in her life except for act as a baby incubator for a child she doesn't even take care of. She's definitely on my "bitches I'd most like to slap" list, and I really hope her maid takes her bitter, gold digging worthless ass to the cleaners.


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