Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Little Orphan Zoe Surfaces!

Finally! I was thiiiis close to scouring the Earth for little Hansel & Gretel moth ball trails in search of the precious, the precocious, the perfect Little Orphan Zoe Kravitz. Her father, some random rocker dude named Lenny (I'm sure you've never heard of him) shot this picture of LOZ for the April issue of Vogue Russia. I don't think anyone can refute me when I say this biatch looks flawless. If ever there was a posterchild for Slacker Chic, this chick is IT. Now, I don't speak Russian, but I'm going to go ahead and translate that jibberjabber into what I'm sure it reads: "Zoe Kravitz reveals why
Gus & Jaq went to rehab, how she makes couture gowns out of matches and pocket fuzz, and the mystery behind Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo."
Tell me this picture does not make you feel as if you should be sitting front row watching Joe Cocker mumble his way through his Woodstock set. It has "Free Love" and "Make Love Not War" written alllll over it. Love this girl.


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