Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Madonna Travels to Malawi for a Little Baby Shopping

Just look at the sparkle in little David Banda's eye as he sees his father for the very first time since 2006. Clearly he's thinking "Ooooohhhh. So you're one of those 'poor people' mama talks about. Your hut is nice though. Not as nice as my six London homes with live in nannies and chefs, or even as nice as my stroller, but nonetheless, it's ai'it."
D.B.'s mommy Madonna is currently all up in Malawi yet again, this time in the hopes of finding a beautiful baby girl to complete her Malawian baby bookends. In a just-released statement from Madge's spokeswoman Liz Rosenberg, the Material Senior hopes to adopt a girl named Chifundo “Mercy” James, who is about 4. The girl’s 18-year-old mother was unmarried and died soon after she gave birth, according to the child’s uncle, John Ngalande. Her father is believed to be alive but has little contact with his daughter.
Listen, I don't mean to put Madonna down because what she's doing-saving a child from poverty is wonderful and amazing. But what's with picking the kids who have families? I must applaud her however for not insisting that baby Banda be estranged from his father. It takes a big woman to do that. I certainly can't say that if I brought a child into my home and raised it like my own I wouldn't feel threatened by the child's relationship with their biological parent. So kudos to Madgers for her generosity of spirit and selflessness. Sincerely.


Mr. Divine said...

And kudos to you for your thoughtful comments.

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