Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mandy Moore Got Married Yesterday

Damn, that was fast! It seems like only yesterday Mandy Moore was announcing her engagement to on again/off again beau Ryan Adams. (Not to be confused with Bryan Adams who may be older but has in fact showered this decade). However, reps for both stars are confirming that the pair tied the knot in a secret ceremony in Savannah, Georgia yesterday. This doesn't come as much of a surprise seeing as how Mandy was quoted as saying she wants the wedding to be “less … of a big deal… Hopefully, it can happen and slip by unnoticed by everybody. I guess we have to be sort of sneaky about it, but I’ll see what I can accomplish.” She added that she has never been “that kind of girl” who obsesses over her wedding day and added that she hadn’t even thought about a dress. “I kind of feel like, because I’ve been able to get married in a few films, I kind of got the whole giant wedding fuss out of my system.” Moore said. In April’s Marie Claire, the actress calls Adams “a good egg. I’m in awe of him — his brain, his passion. He’s truly one of a kind.” Note that she did not mention his body, looks, or fashion sense. I know it's very, very superficial for me to say, but honestly, that dude tries to look bad. He wants us all to think he just falls out of bed into his ratty tat tattered clothes when in fact you can tell he methodically rips them and spends hours attempting to look undone. And truely there is nothing more annoying than a dude who tries so desperately to be all "I don't care! See how much I don't care?!?" justifying the fug by boasting about his brillance when, in fact, only a moron has to tell people how brilliant they are. Ryan Adams. Ugh. What a douche. MM could do sooo much better.


Suburbia Steph said...

I don't even know who the hell he is.

Emily said...

He may be a douche, but damn does he make good music!

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