Thursday, March 19, 2009

Marc Jacobs is Engaged

The rumor mill has been buzzing for months now that Marc Jacobs is engaged to his boyfriend of one year, Lorenzo Martone. The rumors reached a fever pitch yesterday when Marc purchased a $13 million West Village townhouse for he and his lovah on Bethune Street. Today WWD is putting the chatter to rest and reporting that the couple is indeed engaged. Marc and Lorenzo are allegedly going public with the news tomorrow when they arrive in Martone’s homeland of Brazil wearing rings. The couple is headed to Sao Paolo to celebrate the designer’s multi-brand store, which opened in January. The 45-year old designer has another reason to celebrate this week - he was just nominated for the CFDA womenswear designer of the year award.
Now I was going to make a comment about how these two will last as long as an eightball at Lohan's but I think the real subject that needs adressing at this time is the fact that Marc Jacobs is 45! I don't know what kind of magical voodoo shit he's doing to keep the wrinkles at bay, but he should really share.


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