Thursday, March 12, 2009

Max Magazine Also Likes to Recycle

Speaking of Ellen Von Unwerth, here are some photos of Evan Rachel Wood taken by the photographer for the September 2007 issue of GQ. So why am I posting them now you ask? Because the Italian Magazine Max is featuring them in their April issue as if they were just taken yesterday. And despite the fact that I sort of despise Evan Rachel Von Teese, I do love this photoshoot. Besides, many of you might not have caught it the first time around. Or maybe you just chose to ignore it because at the time the barely legal Dita Von Rachel Wood was putting it to a much older Marilyn Manson. Regardless, here it is. I wonder what on Earth this girl will do when she's too old to pimp her little Lolita act. Methinks she won't know what to do with herself.


sandra said...

she looks so hot...soft erotic, but with style

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