Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Megan Hauserman Sues Sharon Osbourne

As you may recall, Megan Hauserman was all kinds of wasted during VH1's Charm School reunion show. The gold digger basically spent the entire taping yelling "WOooooooHooooo!!!" and being a douchebag. Except that is when it came time to confront head mistress Sharon Osbourne. Sharon made some sort of comment about how Megan should not be allowed to breed to which Megan replied by saying that the only reason Sharon is famous is for managing a brain dead rock star. Sharon, being the classy and refined lady that she is, proceeded to throw her red, red wine and Megan and beat the living caca out of her.
Megan did not take the ass whooping so well and TMZ has now learned that Megan is suing the metal mom. In a lawsuit filed today in L.A. County Superior Court, Hauserman is suing Osbourne for battery, negligence and infliction of emotional distress. (How can you suffer emotional distress when you have no soul?!?) Now I'm no lawyer, but I do think Sharon has a pretty stong case. I mean, all her lawyer has to do is hand over the hours upon hours upon hours of tapes from VH1 of Megan kicking bitches and telling them that they're fat and old and ugly and viola! Case closed!
Also, did you know this bitch has a Bachelor's Degree in accounting?!? I'm amazed to know she graduated high school let alone college.


Suburbia Steph said...

She's a total douchebagette! She'll totally lose! And I'm talking about bikini bitch.

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