Monday, March 23, 2009

Neil Patrick Harris and Zachary Quinto Go All Tyson Beckford in April's GQ

Well, well, well. If it isn't two of America's favorite villans. Sure I know NPH doesn't kill people and steal their abilities on his show, but he's a womanizer and a sassybacktalker, therefore villanesque in a lovable "You may have broken my heart but at least you didn't murder me!" sort of way. Both NPH and Zachary Quinto suit up for the April issue of GQ, modeling the latest in menswear. NPH does the whole suit thing, while Quinto's editorial features raincoats. No offense to Sylar, because I really do adore him, but if you ask me he's looking a little vacant in the eyes. Very "light's on but no one's home." In other words, I wouldn't quit my day job if I were him. NPH on the other hand? I am loving his pics. Not trying to get all Tyra on your asses, but he has agreat range of motion and really showed variety. And with menswear being as well, boring as it is, it's important to show personality and all that rubbish.
Neil Patrick Harris

Zachary Quinto


silk ties said...

Nice silk ties choice!

scarves said...

Scarves Scarves
those pictures are so beautiful! hope you have a great 2011.
Thanks for the linky, sweetie!

Cliff Spears said...

I've seen that issue of GQ right after I've learned about NPH being there with his sassy suit and tie combo that has been popularized due to his role as Barney Stinson in How I Met Your Mother with sheer novelty. Man, his character made me more proud in wearing a suit at work and at formal events, due to its appeal.

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