Friday, March 20, 2009

Nicole Richie in April's BlackBook

How many ways can I describe how much I LOVE this editorial of Nicole Richie in April's BlackBook Magazine? J'adore, Liebe, Hayam, Upendo, Karlek, Sevgi! Love, Love, Love! Sure some might argue that she's biting on Lady GaGa's biznass, but so what? It's not as if Lady GaGa's gig is entirely unique. She's stolen from countless designers and musicians of yore. But back to La Richie. This girl knows her angles, knows her fashion and knows how to give major face. This photoshoot is flawless, and definitely one of her best to date.


Lindsay Will Come At You Like A Spider Monkey said...

You know, I have such an unabashed love for Nicole Richie. And if I was her size, I'd rock all her outfits so damn hard.

Akeelers said...

She really takes awesome photos. If she was taller, I think she could be a successful model.

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