Sunday, March 22, 2009

Portia De Rossi is Sorry For Being Gay and Happy

Portia De Rossi is the hotness. She's not only beautiful and talented, but she has this special brand of dry humor she manages to deliver without so much as cracking a smile. So was the case when Ms. De Rossi stopped by the Jimmy Kimmel Show to record a "I'm sorry my being gay affects you negatively protesters that I don't know and have never met" PSA. The actress profusley appologizes for her selfish marriage to Ellen De Generes, stating that all she was thinking about at the time was her "own joy at committing to love my partner for the rest of my life." How dare she. Doesn't she know it doesn't matter what she thinks or feels, it's about what some mullet wearing bitter Bible thumper in Lebanon Kansas who hates coordinated clothing and Judy Garland thinks and feels. I mean really Portia. Have a little courtesy.


Atlanta Cougar said...

I absolutely adore Jimmy Kimmel. His show is hysterical.. I enjoy his style of humor. I was heartbroken to hear that he and Sarah Silverman broke up yet again. The PSA was a riot!

Scandalous Housewife said...

Hilarious. I think Portia IS the hottness, but I didn't know she also had a sense of humor!

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