Saturday, March 28, 2009

She Will Tear Up the Whole Town Until She Finds Harry

It has been a minute since I posted about the world's most glamorous fire breathing amphibian, Khloezilla but bitch is back with a bang! I honestly don't see how she is not THE Kardashian. Why would you want a mindless big assed drone that has seen more knives than Willie Garvin and runs on Duracell and Lubricant when you can have an 8 foot tall amazon in a leather mini skirt? She's flawless and I'm not even joking. With her cascading hair and chic ass sheer tee and "Don't fuck with me bitch or I'll crush your house with my gladiators" glare. You know, since Hollywood's on a "ruining the shit out of awesome movies because we are too lazy to come up with new concepts" kick, someone should really cast our girl Khloezillz in an "Attack of the 50 Foot Woman" remake. She was born to play Nancy Fowler Archer! Not only is she a glamazon, but think of all the money producers could save on special effects! Why pay for all that editing when Khloezilla really can pluck a moving helicopter out of the sky and crush it in her manicured hands? You just try and tell me you cannot picture Khloezillz in this trailer. You can try but you can't!


Emily said...

Khloe always was my favorite Kardashian =)

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