Tuesday, March 17, 2009

"This heart didn't come with instructions"

Oh. My. God. I do believe that is the lamest bullshit I have ever heard in my 27 years here on Earth. Therefore it should come as no surprise that little gem of wisdom came from the George Bush of alternative rock, John Mayer. Mayer posted the sentence yesterday on his Twitter amid rumors that he and girlfriend Jennifer Aniston have split. In the past he has made no bones about spilling TMFI to the paps and press, running his yapper about crap no one could give two shits about. I mean really. "This heart didn't come with instructions"?!? That's like something you'd find stiched on a pillow in a 63 year old woman's house alongside the one litter box she has for her 17 cats. I think I speak for everyone when I say That's Enough John Mayer. Leave the inspirational quotes to Deepak Chopra, Hallmark, and Jack Handey.


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