Monday, March 9, 2009

This is Some Final Destination Shit

We all know how lucky Adam Goldstein (aka DJ Am) was to survive the plane crash he was involved in last year that killed four others on board. But did you know Adam was recently knocking on death's door again? The musician was actually booked for Continental Flight 3407 on February 13th-the same plane that crashed in Buffalo and had no survivors. Apparently, Adam had a bad feeling about flying and opted to drive at the last minute-a decision that saved his life. Can you believe that? What are the odds? If I were him I would be thoroughly freaked out. Paranoid wouldn't even be the word. Never again should he go near, look at, or even think about a plane ever, ever again. Four wheels on the ground at all times. That's what he should be all about from here on out. And rosaries. Lots and lots of rosaries. Maybe a couple of tallits, a portable Kamidana, some japa mala-just basically I'd be covering every major religion. You know, just in case. It seems like at this point it can't hurt.


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