Tuesday, March 24, 2009

This Will Surely End Well

When I think stable, loving romance, I think Danny Bonaduce. Because nothing says "I'm a fantastic partner" than binge drinking after getting all hopped up on roids and cheating on your spouse of 16 years. It's practically storybook! Yes, Danny Bonaduce is self sabotaging and basically hurts everyone around him-which is why he's getting married again! The 49 year old popped the question to his girlfriend of two years, 26 year old Amy Railsback March 12th with a sterling silver skull and crossbones ring that consists of diamonds and "rubies in the eyeball," Railsback said. Ah, ruby red. The same color as Danny's bloodshot eyes.
"He proposed a whole bunch of times over the last couple of years, but you know, it's never quite official until you have a ring on your finger," said the bride to be "I'm a little giddy about it."
"He wears that pirate jewelry." she continued. "He normally wears, like, $12 rings, but this is the real thing. He promises to get me a grown up engagement ring and wedding when we get married. This one is a Danny version for now."
The couple -- who met at a Starbucks in Hollywood -- haven't set a date yet.
"I have no idea. I'd want a smaller ceremony and I'd invite my closest family friends, and of course his family and siblings. Maybe 12 people, tops," she says.
Railsback and Bonaduce recently moved to Philadelphia, where he broadcasts his radio show on 94WYSP, but would return to California to say "I Do," she says.
Should we just break out the calendar now? Because I'd really like to throw my chips in for 9 months. I mean don't get me wrong, he looks totally thrilled in that picture-extatic even- but if the past is indicative of the future, these crazy kids don't have a chance in hell.


Emily said...

Man I hope I get a cheap-ass skull shaped ring when I get engaged!

Suburbia Steph said...

What a fire-crotched assclown! I thought that was him & his first wife at first until I read your post. She looks a lot like her.

Just call him Bonadouche-y

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