Friday, March 20, 2009

Warming My Tiny Little Grinch Heart

Although I may be a total Synical Sally, there are a few things that never fail to melt my cold, cold heart: puppies, old men, and people who make changes to turn their life around. So is the case with Steve-O. A few years ago the very sight of his face made my skin crawl. His desperation for attention may have been annoying, but now I see it for what it was: a cry for help. The Jackass star has spoken candidly to his fans about his serious addiction to drugs and alcohol, checking himself in to get treatment. Since he's cleaned up he seems more vulnerable, real and lovable. My heart foes out to him and everyone else that struggles with addiction every day. It takes a committed, strong person to fight their personal demons, and although I don't know Steve-O or the millions of others who fight for sobriety on a daily basis, my heart goes out to them and I admire them greatly.
In celebration of this Steve-O's one year sober mark, Johnny Knoxville wrote a lovely little blog about proud he is of his friend's accomplishment. I thought I'd share it because celebrity or not, we all struggle with the same emotions, the same troubles and the same problems. What he's doing is commendable-not only because he's saving his own life, but because sharing his battle may influence others to get help.
Anyway, here are the lovely things the Knoxville had to say about it:
For years now Steve-O has called me “the Captain” and is complimentary about the lengths I have gone to to do whatever it is we do in our films. As you know Steve-O is no slouch either when it comes to being alligator bait, shark bait, or if you are traveling with him from London to Russia and back, masturbate (that last reference is for another story). Well anyway, the small amount of courage I have been able to muster up for my bull stompins’ and rocket ridins’ does not even rate compared to what he has done in this last year. As of March 9th 2009, he has been sober for one full year and I find that amazing.Let me put it into perspective; standing in front of a bull who wants to stomp you to death only takes 30 seconds of your time. Steve-O has had the bull of addiction trying to stomp him to death for the past 375 days now. Every waking second he is facing that beast and Steve-O is kicking its damn ass. Unbelievable. Steve-O you are braver than I could ever hope to be. If I am the Captain, you are the god-damned Colonel and I salute you buddy.
I love you,


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