Saturday, March 28, 2009

Whatever It Is I Think I See Becomes a Tootsie Roll to Me

Holy crap man. Every time I see Lily Allen she gets thinner and thinner. I just want to pick her skiny ass up, glue her to the dashboard of my car and watch her bobble, bobble, bobble as I drive over speedbumps. She's become all head-very Christina Ricci. She must really be a dedicated Pilates student. And by "Pilates" I mean she's on a strict diet of booze, coke, gum and air. Allegedly.
Anyway The Incredible Shrinking Brit is all up in the April/May issue of the Fembot's bible "Bust". In the interview she talks about her new album, her mum and how God's favorite band must be Creedence Clearwater Revival because "they're beardy men and they all look like Jesus." Hmm...I wouldn't have taken God for an appearances matter sort of guy. Then again you never really know somebody, so He very well might be. Or he may love The Fugees. Who knows.


Emily said...

I love her. She is definitely losing weight, but thank god she hasn't reached disgustingly skinny yet. Hopefully she won't, she looks good here.

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