Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Your Daily Dose of Amber Rose

I should have said "Your daily dose of Amber Rose and her ass" seeing as how it probably weighs more than the rest of her body. Regardless, here are a couple of pics of the model (?!) hanging out with that no name boyfriend of hers Kanye West at the YSL show. Do you see what she is wearing? Do you see?!?! Stirrup pants!!! I totally called that shit last week! It's not surprising though. Not only am I the Rainman of magazine editorials, but I am the Sylvia Brown of fashion. I have the uncanny ability to spot a trend a mile away. And now that we can cross "stirrup pants" off the long list of shit this gorgeous creature will sport, I will be expecting her to rock "Members only jackets, neon fanny packs, shoulder pads, zubaz, pants tucked into slouch socks, mom jeans, and jellies" any day now.
She is so flawless. I die.


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