Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Zac Efron Does Interview Magazine. And Also, Some Chick.

According to the latest issue of "Interview" Magazine, Zac Efron is the future. The future of what? I'm not entirely clear. Everything? Science? Architecture? Poetry? Cooling and refridgeration? They should really be more specific when making such vast generalizations. I bet those lazy bastards don't even know. They just figure that he, like everyone else, is the future of something. Besides, they didn't even bother to put any other text on the cover, so I'm inclined to chalk it up to indolence. Damn slackers.
Also, does Zac Efron having bare breasteses in his face make anyone else feel a wee bit uncomfortable? It's like catching your nephew on your couch with his lab partner. I want to blindly throw clothes at them and call both their parents immediately so that they can ground their asses and have strict talk about teen parents and the importance of chastity.


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