Saturday, April 4, 2009

Again With This Picture!!!

Jesus H. Christ. Is this like, the only existing Megan Fox photoshoot or something? That cover is older than prostitution and yet it's used for absolutely everything. Photographer Max Vadukul must be getting residuals out the ass. I'm talking enough for a Malibu crib, a Barbados vacay home and a twin pair of jet skis. I just honestly don't understand what's up with all the recycling. It's like, if I wanted to see these pics of Foxy Fox I'd flip through the October 2007 issue of Rolling Stone or January '08's Japan RS or May's UK Empire or one of the other thousands of magazines these pics have been used for. Or wait-is this pic this generation's Farrah Fawcett poster? Is it iconic and I just don't know it yet?


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