Tuesday, April 28, 2009

All the Fun Stuff Without the Stretch Marks

Guess who is going to be having twin babays? If you guesses Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick then you are obviously marginally bright seeing as how the picture above contains their faces. The couple's spokesbitches have confirmed that the SATC actress and Broadway Baby Broderick are expecting twin daughters slated for birth release this summer. But if you think SJP is going and screwing up that ridiculously hot bod of hers, think again. The couple will be birthing via a surrogate baby incubator who will probably make enough dough off the transaction to fix whatever changes her baby maker went through.
So...good for them? Personally I think whatever makes people happy, but the thought of basting my shit kind of creeps me out. Everytime I think "surrogate" I think Thanksgiving turkey. With that watery gravy. Gross.
On a seperate note...muttenchops! You bring that shit back, Broderick. You just bring it all kinds of back.


Scandalous Housewife said...

Do you really think this is true? I just read SJP and her baby daddy were on the verge of splitsville because of an indiscretion he had last year.

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