Friday, April 10, 2009

Amy Adams in May's W Magazine

You betta werk, bitch, werk! Amy Adams is looking ever the ferocious, foxy, fashion femme fetale in the latest issue of W trading her good girl reputation for a more sultry, sexy side. The Isla Fisher doppleganger opened up to the mag about her wedding plans, her first job, and how she was not always the dopest dame in the room. “I’d hated school. The people were indifferent toward me, and that’s the worst thing in my mind. We were defined by the clothes we bought at the mall. If I didn’t get things on clearance, I wasn’t getting them. I would make fake Guess jeans by buying a cheaper brand with a triangle label and then cutting it off so you could still see the triangle outline. It’s so sad that I did that! But I really wanted to be one of those girls.”
Oh honey I don't think any of us loved school. And those that did most likely peaked during that point in their lives and aren't doing shit now. I'm pretty sure how miserable you were during your high school years determines how happy you'll be as an adult. In other words, if you had a wretched time as a teenager, you'll probably be a blissful grown up. And vice versa. It's a law of nature that helps balance out the universe. I think.


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