Monday, April 6, 2009

Angelina Jolie vs Madonna: The Battle for Babies

In case you missed it, you have GOT to check out this skit from last week's SNL which features Kristen Wiig as Madonna and Amy Elliot as Angelina Jolie fighting over who has the most exotic baby and who can buy babies from the most obscure places. Madge starts off by saying she basically loves nothing more than a "A fancy, spicy brown baby" only to be confronted by the mother of adoption (and savior of the world) Angelina Jolie who tells her that she ain't got no game when it comes to baby buying. Madonna goes on to tell her that despite the fact that she was denied a Malawian baby, she's going to find a child from a more remote, exotic location. Like space. To which Angie replies "I just bought a Russian baby. It's a baby inside of a baby inside of a baby." The writing is hilarious and the impressions are spot on. With these women on board, SNL has clearly gotten funnier, more interesting and more watchable with each episode.


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