Friday, April 24, 2009


Anyone that knows me (even a little) knows how much I positively adore Ms. Britney Spears. She is foxy, fabulous, and a total icon. Which is why it pains my heart to admit that this clip from her tour is a little bit busted. While performing "Touch of My Hand" in Oakland the other night, part of Brit's weave just decides it's done and leaves her head without an encore. However it's not the M.I.A. wig that's got me bugging. It's how uncomfortable her transition to that acrobatic lift off is. While the dude lifting her from the couch and into the air is supposed to be sessy, it's not. It looks awkward and cumbersome. How is making sessy time in the air like that all strapped to a shitload of inhibiting harnasses hot? Both of them look weighed down and ready for it to be over. Unless you are Nathan Petrelli leave the levitation to David Blaine.

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