Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bat for Lashes in April's Mojo

If you have not yet heard about Bat for Lashes, it's high time you get on board. Although her style and musical flava are rather indescribable, if I had to tell you what she's like I suppose I'd say she's sort of like Tori Amos, Lovefoxxx, a Native American priestess and that chick from The Science of Sleep all tossed into a blender and smooshed together until evenly distributed. The unique artist continues her reign of looking like a defunct nun from another planet visiting the Arizona desert in the April edition of Mojo. And in the event that you're thinking about checking out BFL, might I recommend giving a trial listen to "Daniel"? If that song does not make you misty eyed, you truely must have a heart of stone.


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